Thursday 30 December 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010

this year, CF was held in the Manhattan Ballroom (which is on the 14th floor) of Berjaya Times Square Hotel on 18-19 december. i went for both day1 and day2 and i return with photos - not too much, but a good number of them! XD

so allow me to separate my report into day1 and day2 here~

WARNING: image heavy! (well, that is unavoidable and almost predictable, isn't it?)

Day 1: 18 December 2010
for most of the entire event day, i was occupied with the Checkmate team for our cosplay group competition from the series Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). minori and i took the LRT to times square in the morning and arrived at 9-something (morning, of course). boy, could there possibly have been a more crowded and long queue even before the event opened? luckily, misao helped us to get in queue and buy our tickets, before he took some photos and left for class. it was soon after our short time together in the toilet  where minori changed into her outfit (with a waloli flavour) and my costume (Ranmao) that we went separate ways for the day - in fact, one of the things we did was visit the Hoyu booth but at different times.

our entries for the Hoyu contest!

i did not take many photos on Day 1...

i reunited with team Checkmate near the entrance where we caught up with our lives (since our last group practice) and prep up each other for the competition performance. once we got into the waiting area, some of us started to get nervous since the wait was quite long for us as group #7. after our performance for the competition, we stuck together for a while longer for a random photoshoot (sadly that means i do not know who are the photographers and where our gallery will appear at all). of course, thank you so much to Renee (click to view her CF gallery), who lent her time to photograph team Checkmate and email the photos to us.

my head cannot be THAT giant, but the size of my waist gave you the illusion of so. ;__;

towards the end of the evening, people started to leave and so did we, after a change out of the costumes. misao returned from his classes and teman me at the times square (shopping mall) Japanese Food Fair. where i bought some snacks. apparently jo was done enjoying the live band performance in CF day1 closure the same time i was done shopping, so the three of us went to Gasoline to eat, but the only person doing the eating was me. *__*

Day 2: 19 December 2010
i arrived slightly earlier today compared to day1, even though i did not have any particular timely activity for the day. in fact i had cancelled my day2 cosplay plan since i wanted to stay home to finish assignments, but there was something else i wanted to do - promotion for Tenshi no Cafe! ♥ ♥ ♥ were you approach by anyone who gave out free bookmarks for Tenshi no Cafe at CF (both day1 and day2)? if you did, on day2, half the chance is it was probably me (there were two of us on day2).

my outfit (usamimi, blouse, JSK, and not in photo, socks, shoes, bag) fully coordinated from Bodyline~

once the bookmarks were all given out, i spend the rest of the evening watching stage activities (solo cosplay competition and emcees giving out freebies), shopping for doujin and merchandise (i bought so much stuffs), chatting with the 'DJs' at the EMiNA radio 'station' at the entrance, taking cosplayers' photographs - basically taking it all in my own sweet time, whatever i missed on day1 (but i missed the Lolita Runway Fashion Show on day2 anyway).

the booth displays:

the cosplays:


the camwhores:


thanks to elaine and mbek for the christmas candies~ also thanks to clow for sparing his day2 evening with me. and finally, thank you, Comic Fiesta committee, for making CF happen in 2010!

my stash from CF10!

Hoyu souvenirs! photo envelope, CNY red packets, discount coupons...

my little Happy Berry bag, bought from Apple-Taiwan booth~

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