Friday 31 December 2010

Maid Mania 「メイド・マニア」

wow~ would you not believe it? there seems to be a running streak of maid-themed cafes opening every month recently: september (Kirameki Cafe), november (Maid Cafe), december (Little Pantry), and soon-to-be january (Tenshi no Cafe).

did you notice anything different or new on the list? actually, there are two news i want to share with you: first is Tenshi no Cafe's opening date; second is this month's new maid-themed cafe called Little Pantry.

let's start with Tenshi no Cafe! first of all, it has been announced here that the opening day has been rescheduled to 20 January 2011 - that means, 20/01/2011~ please remember to bookmark this day and 'return home' to your maids. XD

next, a new maid-themed cafe in IOI Mall called Little Pantry opened on 17 December. the decor is majorly white accented with sweet pink.

want to know more? i have updated the list of Malaysian maid-themed cafes, so click for more information! ^__^

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