Sunday 9 January 2011

Christmas of 2010 and New Year 2011

since i was so busy blogging about comic fiesta and maid cafes at the end of december, i shall have to write about my christmas day in january and throw in the new year post as well. XD i wonder what did you do for christmas and new year's eve?

christmas presents!

my christmassy days started in comic fiesta where elaine and mbek gave me x'mas candies~ next, i received presents from minori and sayoko one day when we went for karaoke, before sayoko had to fly off on her month-long vacation! (i think elaine went off on her annual year-end vacation too.) i also received presents from motr and wgfai just before the christmas weekend. on the notion of giving and receiving for christmas, i too gave little gifts to friends (though some presents are still with me).

finally, on christmas day itself, i went out with my family for a movie... and i managed to persuade mummy to buy me a pompom scrunchie (シュシュ) which i had wanted for a long time. next time i'll go buy them in different colors! (too bad Daiso does not sell these medium sized ones; Daiso sells small size pompom instead).

soon after christmas, the new year 2011 arrives - and so have my semester exams! ;__; i spent my new year's eve at home at the "study" table (which has a computer on it). *wink* approaching midnight, my phone credit expires on the first january, so i did not send out any SMS or call anyone up to wish happy new year. do not be sad, dear friends - i have not forgotten you, and of course, i hope you have a happy new year 2011!

my parents ajak me out to IOI Boulevard to watch fireworks, yet i declined and decided to stay at home (ひきこもり?), so they went out without me. after being pestered by motr who thought i was very kesian to be home alone, i reluctantly switched on the television to watch some fireworks. to which now i think would have been better if i watched Katy Perry's Firework instead.

alright, time for new year resolutions! what is that? a list of things that you almost never achieve even after 365 days of struggling. this year, a new list!
  • keep my hair trimmed (no more cut-1inch-1year) ☑
  • dye my hair (this weekend!) ☐
  • increase my cgpa ☐
  • organise my makeup stash (so messy now!) ☐
  • keep my bedroom neat and clean OTL ☐
  • add more colours into my wardrobe ☐
  • be brand-whore for the first time ☐
  • save up for that one year-end Lucky Pack ☐
  • *will be back for more*
do you think i'll achieve them all? [ × ] [ √ ]


misao said...

wah akiko will dye hair
i wonder how it will look like

MedicOnTheRun said...

i'm now very confused..
its a ticking time bomb in here..

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