Saturday 15 January 2011

enchanted exam

while time permits me, i shall squeeze in a blog post or two now. exam is finally over, and the weekend begins, so semester break goes on until the weekend before valentine's day. but let's recap what happened over the past weeks. i start with a long rant, so if you wish to skip it, please click on the "continued" link below.

last week, my phone went missing. *dramatic music* here is how it went on that unfortunate day: went to college, leave bag outside classroom, enter exam, busying in the exam venue for two hours, exit classroom, check bag, noticed my phone missing, asked around and was told another coursemate's phone went missing too. WHY US? ;__;

first, the model and condition of our phones. mine: sony eri with camera and basic communication, cracked screen and missing back cover (battery is exposed). hers: nokia, black/white display and old. seriously, what kind of desperado wants our phone for? ARE YOU A SECRET ROBIN HOOD WHO WANTS TO DUMP OUR PHONES IN THE "RECYLCLE PHONE" BIN? please ask first. at least give us back the SIM card!

second, responsibility. is it the students' fault for bringing their phones to college, knowing well in advance that we are to leave ALL our belongings (which are not used for exam) whether rain or shine, outside the exam venue? or is it the college fault with poor conduct? at first you might say the students' fault but you think again - what about students who take public transport to college, one hour away from home? of course we will blame the college because as far as i know, other tertiary institutions have the student bags put aside in the exam venue, not OUTSIDE.

if you have not made your conclusion, allow me: i have no more camera phone (thus no photos for the rest of the blog until a replacement comes along), i have replacement SIM card now (still using the same phone number), i have lost all contacts (so all you out there with my phone number, please send me an SMS so that i can save your number), and i am using mizuiro's spare phone (i do not want to use motorola any longer than i have to, please).

let's see... *dig up photos* thank goodness i often upload photos to the computer, thus no photos lost. i know you still question how i take photos with both hands in the picture. look ma, hands!

my most recent nail art~ pink base with glittery black lace stickers.

croissant with kaya and strawberry jam filling - supper for a hungry study night!

this is the last photo taken on my phone camera (after team Checkmate post-CF dinner).

so, what is so enchanted about exam? nothing.

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Terrasmark said...

Oww, I so feel your loss.

Whenever I have to part with my phone or other important belongings to attend to matters, I always lock my bag with a small padlock. Though it's no guarantee against theft as the bag itself & all of its contents could be taken away, it's better than nothing... Or leave it to s'one U could trust.

If there's anything to make U feel better, I shall say I had it worse.

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