Friday 3 December 2010

Ranmao & Lau WIP & my tailor

earlier this week i went to my tailor to collect the costumes for wgfai (who could not go) and mine too. misao went together with me since he had an assignment to do. ^__^

my tailor is located in a very hidden place in salak south (or salak selatan), borderline to sri petaling. i could not tell you where exactly she is since i only know the place by remembering the way there. but i do know she makes me really fitting costumes even if she is just a normal tailor (not a specialised fancy pansy costume maker).

i first year met Madam Yong when i was in high school to make my librarian school uniform (which was all green in color, blouse and skirt) introduced by mummy (her long time friend). the second year, she made my first cosplay costume - Éclair from Kiddy Grade (yeah, i know, really old school for a first, instead of going for something popular at the time like Naruto or Bleach).

every year after the first costume, i went back to Madam Yong to make one costume each time, so to commemorate the number of years that i have cosplayed. my second costume was Sachiko from Maria-sama ga Miteru, third and fourth was Seras Victoria from Hellsing (anime and manga versions of the same character made at the same time), and my most recent is Ranmao from Kuroshitsuji.

in total five costumes of mine represent the five years since i started to cosplay (now in my fifth year). Madam Yong was also a big inspiration to me to make my own costumes - she was always very friendly and encouraging. the first costume i completed on my own was Simca from Air Gear - inspired by my second costume Sachiko. sure, i don't make mine as perfect, but we all have to start from scratch.

even after i started sewing my own costumes or ordering tailored costumes online, i still went back to get one costume tailored at the end of every year (or two costumes together for two years' worth) from Madam Yong. i wonder if there are other cosplayer who has a dedicated tailor for their costumes?

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MeLC said...

Madam Yong did an awesome job on my Maid-of-Honor gown! Props to her! Thanks for the introduction a few years ago! I also still have the Kagura from Fruit Basket costume that she made. =P

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