Saturday 4 December 2010

Ranmao WIP update

i added the yellow details (i know you cannot see the long slits in the middle of the yellow detail on the cuffs ;_;) on the sleeves and made the anklets. still have to find little bells to attach to the anklets, and get purple fabric dye to finish the dress design (or maybe i will cheat by sewing purple appliqué). XD

also i redo the corset lacing because Ranmao's corset is laced in white ribbon while my Bodyline corset was laced in black ribbon. lacing up a corset took forever and countless redo (usually because of one careless 'knit' like if you were to knit a 30-something wide wool scarf). after the lacing was completed, i took another hour to resize the corset to fix to my waist measurement (because the corset has a zipper on the side to allow a quick change).

now that is done, i am this much closer to completing Ranmao's costume (have not worked on her shoes and wig yet). so, after that hungryous all-nighter, it is time for bed. *zzzzz*

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