Monday 17 January 2011

Sanrio special

although Sanrio celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2010, i still want to write up a little about it! actually, i just wanted to list out the stuff i wanted from Sanrio this year. *looks away*

a photo of the current McD Happy Meal collection~
as usual, i never fail to notice McD Happy Meal toys if it released something from Sanrio. the previous Happy Meal was the sugarbunnies (but i only managed to collect shirousa, kurousa, and momousa; missed out on the yellow sugarbunny) collection. this month (Jan 2011), McD releases Sanrio 50th anniversary characters collection. (why so late to Malaysia?)

i collected these two already~

awaiting to collect these two!

for the past fortnight, i have collected Hello Kitty and My Melody stamp charms. next up are Cinnamoroll and Sugarbunnies! oh, i just can't wait to complete the set~

moving on, there are also a couple items i am eyeing... gotta love Tiny Chum and Hello Kitty pairing! now i see why people are so hyped up about Duffy with Mickey and Minnie. for me, i really like Tiny Chum because the bears reminds me of Angelic Pretty and BTSSB~

RM65ish - totally expensive mobile case!

RM33ish - notebook at daylight robbery price...

RM47ish - this minimalist wallet reminds me of Metamorphose ♥ ♥ ♥
oh, where do i have left to look? Sanrio is everywhere~


Justina_sweetgemini said...

When was the Hello Kitty one releasedddd?? Have i missed it?? :'( And I guess Rm65 is the standard price, I've seen more expensive ones...

あきこ said...

the hello kitty one was released two weeks ago. this week is Cinnamoroll.. which i already collected! XD now awaiting for next weekend to get the final item - Sugarbunnies!

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