Thursday 20 January 2011

a case in point

i actually did a check whether the correct phrase was "a case in point" or "a point in case" and i believe you will notice the correct phrase is stated in the title itself; meaning in relevance.

as the day crawled by, i remembered Tenshi no Cafe was supposed to open today, but postponed to 22 january in conjunction with a weekend event in e@curve. no wonder the day was slow - something exciting is about to happen (just like waiting for Christmas presents)! the updated list of maid-themed cafes here.

meanwhile, here are some sneak-peek insights to Tenshi no Cafe released on their blog:

seriously, some people do not know how to utilise the quote block/box function in forums when sharing a third party information. a case in point, the article from my maid cafe list has been copied and pasted directly to a forum thread with no acknowledgement of source or whatnot, but of course i have already written a short message to reprimand the reckless forumer. now i just wait for the forumer to make changes to the mistake, otherwise be an information thief.

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nQw said...

I think I'm going there tomorrow (25th Jan), since you're promoting it repetitively on twitter, is the food there pricey? Any recommendations from the menu?

Do I need to make a reservation for lunch around 1pm?

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