Friday 4 February 2011

baking biohazard

baking biohazard. baking: big hazard!

does the kitchen god/goddess exist(s)? don't answer, that was rhetoric.

i spent most of the day helping mummy to make pineapple tarts (apologies for the lack of photos, but i still am without camera). the weather was fairly warm (there were some clothes out for drying too). at the end of the day, there were lots of egg whites leftover (since the recipe only requires egg yolks) from six seven large eggs. the ultimate question was: to bake meringues or macarons of the egg whites?

of course, meringues are the simplest (only two ingredients, excluding flavouring and colouring) so it came to my mind first. although kclee suggested macarons, i doubted my skills as i made no prior preparations (more ingredients and more time consuming, but i have both). i was also told that macarons are best made in cool weather, and i used the warm weather as an excuse to NOT choose macarons. XD

sign #1: suddenly, it started to rain heavily. shortly afterwards, it stopped raining and the room temperature was chilly once again (it is the monsoon season after all). could it be the kitchen god/goddess is telling me, "meringues are easy peasy; go bake some macarons instead!" sorry, i would love to choose macarons over meringues but i am feeling lazy.

sign #2: soon after i placed all the ingredients and tools and trays on the table, i was ready to make some meringues so i started the electric mixer. all of a sudden, POW! the electric mixer blew up and you can smell burnt electronic parts fumes. there was a small exposed area on the electric mixer where it was scorched black, like the explosion marks on the ground as seen in cartoons.

sign #3: i do not give up and proceed to find the hand whisk. unfortunately i do not find it, even with help from mummy. dear kitchen god/goddess, do you really leave me with no choice at all?

conclusion: i poured the egg whites into a container to chill overnight in the fridge, and went to the wet kitchen to wash up all the dirty dishes instead. i felt angry because i was not able to bake meringues, yet i was happy to think about a hopeful brand new electric mixer (yes, i am counting the chickens before the eggs hatch).

do people get days like this (in the kitchen or else where) all the time?

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