Saturday 12 February 2011

tick tock! thought thoughts.

tick tock!

with the amount of time i spent on the computer online recently (it was my semester break after all), it generated a totally unequal amount of blogging done over the past weeks and lack of sewing too. tsk tsk, truly a disappointment. it was only today that i felt, time flew a little too fast. then was the moment it hit me that time has been taken for granted again and the new semester is approaching soon - monday!

with time running out, i even squeezed two posts in to one. so let's get started with the first one, which is about the past. well, not the past as in one decade or two millennium ago kind of past, but a recent update.

zombie farm by play forge. heard of it? this month is the first anniversary of the game so the valentine grand prize will be the apple ipod touch 4G - but it would be something impossible to attain since (1) i do not have a facebook account to submit an entry and (2) grand prize is only for USA residents.  though, i would like to win the zombie farm printed tee since they accept international winners with USA address.

thought thoughts.

xxx (deleted because lazy to continue.)

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