Monday 21 March 2011


no matter what you do, don't come yelling at me for ranting today. i just want to complain about my college.

i dare say that i always defended anything/everyone neutrally (positively if possible) even if strongly negative comments come from my bestest friends. however, once you cross the line, i will no longer cover your dirt!

the following will be my rant about COLLEGE SCUMBAGS.

so you know i am talking about my college. you also guessed correct that i am no longer bothered to say good things about my college. you probably don't know which college i go to, but there is no need to know - you probably had it as bad as i did, if not worse.

once when a music book borrowed from the library went missing, i was fined double the price of the book purchase price. i understand that the library should have heavy punishments for misconducts, whether i lost the book or someone stole it. but when you beg the librarian to lower the price of the fine (instead of paying full double) and you get discriminated as "well off" by your home address (which the librarian checked instantly from the student database system), are you sure it is the right way to make students pay?

"it looks like you live in _____, so you must be well off. i am sure you can ask your parents to just pay the fine for you. the original price was RM200, so your fine is RM400."

first, the textbook sellers appointed by the college sells the same music book for a fraction of the stated original price, albeit newer and updated edition. second, why can't i buy the same music book as replacement because other students will still benefit from it as if it was never lost. third, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, MISS LIBRARIAN - to tell me that my home address is in a particular area, so i must be well off too? fourth, MISS LIBRARIAN, DOES IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU THAT MY PARENTS BOUGHT THE HOUSE? my parents work for their hard-earned money - i never bought any landed property but you think living in one means i am rich enough to water the library with cash!

YOU, MISS LIBRARIAN, DESERVE TO BE NOTHING. you have no right whatsoever to say i am loaded just because my parents can buy a house.

recently, i has an issue with delayed assignment submission. naturally i was called to meet the particular lecturer in charge for that coursework assignment. i understand that it was clearly stated that late submissions will be penalised a certain percentage of marks, and i do admit to my mistake wholly due my fault and willing to accept the lesser marks with no excuse. here is the thing when lecturers try to be nice by offering you the chance to give excuses - they force words out of your mouth. of course, i sat and listened in silence and guess what the lecturer said once the silence was dragging on?

"do you have any relatives in the college? are you related to anyone in the college? are you the principal's daughter or somebody?" (i shook my head to all.) "well, if you were the principal's daughter, then i will excuse you from the lateness and pass you. but you are not, so what do you expect me to do?"

EXCUSE ME? first, if my parents were your bosses or work in the same organisation or company, in this case college, does that mean you can simply grant FREE PASSES? even if i truly was the principal's daughter or even teacher's pet, i would not admit to it! I HAVE A SENSE CALLED PRIDE, MISS LECTURER. i don't buy people over with with a credit card called "MY PARENT'S STATUS" - i work for it. second, students who bother to even make a late submission still did put in their effort to produce quality - yet you diss them off like so. third is a personal attack which i would like to say, all along i thought your strange sense of humour was a tad too hypocrite for me - now i know why i felt that way.

YOU, MISS LECTURER, DESERVE TO BE NOTHING. you have no professional work ethics to be in this education line.

* * * * *

college scumbags, do you not agree? or maybe not, simply because you think the whole world is already corrupt like this. i just want to say that i am wholly disappointed by injustice based on MONEY, and favouritism based on STATUS, happening in my college.

perhaps it is just my naive mind, haphazardly flitting around innocently, until i got slapped in the face.


MeLC said...

Some people in your college are freakin' messed up and discriminative. That's so unfair! =( Can't you complain this to somebody with higher authority in your college?

azu said...

Thats just.. nasty.. Did you defend yourself or complain to someone who has the authority to fight for your right (like student council or student head?)??

Now I am curious which college you are going XD

あきこ said...

no, i did not go to anyone for this. how could i? if you are rich, you still have to pay the fine. if you are without status, your assignment is still late. i don't think anyone would bother to see the real problem is the way that the college staff think and speak. so insensitive! i held my tongue in silence, and this is what i get.

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