Tuesday 31 May 2011


today i was listening to Yui's new single entitled Hello (featured in Paradise Kiss live action movie releasing in Japan in June 2011 - right next to my birthday!) and suddenly i got all gung-ho again to complete one of my most difficult, complicated, elaborated, expensive, (insert more adjectives), and secretive cosplay project:

Yukari "Caroline" Hayasaka
Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa

...and today, i reveal that project of mine because i want to make it a reality! i have full and renewed determination and i wish to debut this version at Comic Fiesta (December 2011) to cosplay Yukari in the grand prix gown that would make (my favourite character) George proud~

this gown has been planned since i watched the anime. in fact, i got started on the gown since 2009! and guess what it looks like now? a pile of fabric lump with tons of scattered blue roses and pearl beads. yes, that is how my cosplay project looks like if i made it a secretive one (but i only have one, so that spared me the mess in my bedroom).

in total, you can say i have already spend more or less RM500 on this gown and it can only be more expensive because i still need to buy (acres of) lace for the underskirt! i wish, if only i had a team of Paradise Kiss designers to help me out with this humongous cosplay project of mine.

until CF2011, i hope to blog my progress on Yukari's gown from time to time.

wish me luck!

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Junnie said...

Finally! >W< All the best on doing her ne >W< Will hunt you down on CF 2011 for the gown *W* & the location is so suitable for Yukari's gown as well, ganbate yo~!

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