Wednesday 22 June 2011

cookie cutter craze!

last week i was browsing some unique cookie cutter designs, and decided i wanted to bake some cookies but the kitchen ran out of flour and i want new cookie cutter shapes. last tuesday, i took the chance to buy a packet of cookie flour at Daiso when minori and i were out for a lunch date. in the meantime, i fell hopelessly for the macaron gashapon, so i bought one as a phone accessory.

my new macaron handphone strap was randomly spat out from the gashapon machine, and i received the main character on my first and only try. i also bought two cabochon of (pirated) Sugarbunnies and DIY them into rings. it seems i still have one last plain undecorated ring - what should i stick on it?

here is an upclose photo as a proof of my cookie cutter craze! i read a short and simple tutorial on how to make your own cookie cutter, and all you need is a sheet of aluminium foil! first, i folded it on the wider edge for maximum length. second, i pressed it into the shape i want (in this case, wings). then i squished the two open ends together to create a "closure."

yesterday, i mixed the Daiso cookie flour with some cake flour (bought over the weekend) and a few colouring and flavours. the colours seem rather toxic (like plasticine) but rest assured, they baked well and turned into delicious soft cookies!

see? the baked cookies look just fine and edible. for non soft cookie fans, your first thought when you bite into these, you might think "ewww this is soft from the air exposure!" but the truth is, i love these soft cookies because they are quite like crunchy bread slices! XD

later today, i will take them out to share starting with minori first (and hopefully nobody minds the cookies being soft)~

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