Wednesday 20 July 2011

movie, handicarft & tea times~

(considering it is past midnight, day before) yesterday, i had dinner at Papa Johns and then watched a movie with my family - it was Mr Popper Penguins starring Jim Carey. i guess it is only proper to say it was half family and half romcom type of movie. mummy said the penguin casts were probably remote-controlled because it would be difficult to train them to perform, but my sister said there are animal movie trainers who can, and i said we should have stayed for the credit roll to find out.

before the movie, i quickly walked into my favourite tee store, Brands Outlet to look at the current tee prints available. i immediately spotted a couple must-haves, and a couple more cute wants. i left empty-handed since i was penniless (though i vow to return soon for them!) but i did buy a pack of colourful heart-shaped beads at Daiso before making it juuuuust in time for the movie.

i am really happy to have made and wear these~
i made three sets of cute bracelets out of that pack of beads from Daiso, and added some white pearl beads and string them together with some leftover elastic thread (which are not exactly leftovers coz i still have a lot and never actually sew any shirring with it before).

today, i met up with a long time acquaintance for late tea time at Garden cafe in Mid Valley. once again, i have been dying to visit as many fancy tea cafes (not the serious tea people places coz i am not that enthusiastic about tea) as possible. i particularly love the interior/exterior of the Garden cafe and also the tea time promotion (which, sadly, expires on 31 July). unfortunately mr.acquaintance arrived late at 6pm, so i could not order the tea time promo set (but we did order it a la carte).

for rm3x.xx, it was not worth the Garden cafe super stiff green tea cake i had (even the red beans were hard) but my hot honey lemon tea was well done, while mr.acquaintance only had to say his choco banana cake was a tad too small and there was a tad too much water in his teapot to which he complained was not heated prior to filling up with hot water (hmm~ i must learn more from him) and the cake plates were chilled unnecessarily.

next, we took a stroll around mid valley and the gardens. i bought him a melon-pan (i simply seem to show affection by presenting cakes and bread) from La Boheme while walking on the way to our next tea stop. once i spotted Isetan, i paced up and there it was - Pastis cafe. their location seem to have changed compared to the last time i saw it, but perhaps for the better.

for rm3x.xx, we felt Pastic cafe scored much better for our tea session. (apparently i might start taking my tea times super seriously.) we shared the "Dessert of the month" of bread and butter pudding, and a serving of lamb pie with mashed potatoes and salad. both dessert and pie were too soggy (despite your imagination, they were not lumpy) and the pudding glaze was too runny, but the pie stuffing was well seasoned and i personally loved the mashed potatoes and gravy.

after our second tea session, we looked out of the Gardens Residence through Pastis and realised it was dark because it was 9pm. we took one more stroll around the mall and i ended up spending too much time in Jusco browsing Japanese magazines, toys aisle, and reading Japanese children's picture book, until the staff had to usher us out since it was way past 10pm. soon we were back into my car to drive mr.acquaintance home by taking chances with the KL signboards. not bad, considering i found my way through a toll-less route to sri hartamas. not bad at all.

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