Thursday 1 September 2011

Blogging via Android phone

since i have began to get used to my new phone, courtesy of my very generous cousin, i started to complain about qwerty keys, adding and using that smartphone-exclusive thing called Apps a.k.a. applications.

at the moment i am complaining to myself about typing on qwerty keys to update my blog. Blogaway is a superbly smooth Blogger client app, unfortunately i am not sure about its photo publishing (which only uploads one image per post).

so, beware Blogaway, i will uninstall you in replacement of a better one if this test post does not upload the screenshot of my Japan Life game (level 21).

P.S. leave me a comment below so i can add you as neighbour in Japan Life.

P.P.S. as an additional edit, image does appear and uploaded to picasa (not sure if it was auto or i activated my acc previously) but new image cannot be positioned (auto at top of post).


Muzaffar said...

I see that you and Reno play Japan Life a lot, but I'm too busy playing other games lol... XD

あきこ said...

@Muzaffar: its not fun without a good neighbour on the game~

Unknown said...

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