Thursday 8 September 2011

The Muse @ Neo Damansara

end of Evangelion photoshoot~ on Twitpic
BEFORE: my "yin-yong" bleached hair (with leftover makeup after the Evangelion photoshoot last weekend).
10am: finally got out of bed after being awake since 8am. i remember about my appointment today at The Muse, so its time to get moving!

11am: i nearly forgot about the voucher after i got changed into my dress, but lucky for the annoying reminder on my not-so-smart-but-sometimes-is smartphone.

(i believe a smartphone is suppose to ease my life by helping me not being late anymore because i am always terribly fashionably late for anything and absolutely everything. so late that it would be appropriate for my coffin to arrive late for my own funeral.)

12noon: i parked in the basement of Neo Damansara (weekday parking rate is RM1 hourly) and made my way up the elevator.

imagine my surprise when i saw The Muse was all black at first, thinking they were closed! T____T it turns out that the glass was just tinted super black.

after i linked my phone to The Muse wifi, i spoke with a couple stylists about which colour to dye and they suggested a shade of brown from their L'oreal range.

before the dye, the daunting moment of truth: how healthy is my scalp? The Muse scalp test revealed i have the average untreated scalp, perhaps causing my thin hair growth due to the cling-film-like layer on my scalp.

1.30pm: wash time~ the dye has set and i am off to receive my scalp treatment and hair treatment. anxious about being late to work again.

2.30pm: yes, i am officially late.

AFTER: evenly dyed my hair to a chocolate brown (with leftover undertone "highlights" from my first bleach).
3pm: my hair session is complete with a warm blow dry (and quickly blogged this)! i thanked Liam and Jojo for their service and quickly headed off to Tenshi no Café.

how much do you think the entire package cost? i had hair colouring, hair treatment, scalp test and treatment, with wash and blow included. i bought The Muse discount voucher from for only RM75!

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