Thursday 11 October 2012

orientation week at university

you might have had a similar notion as i did before starting a new chapter at a new place. if you happen to be a tertiary (college/university) student, rest assured today's digital world provides endless source of information - to the point of overload. if like me, you read a little too much and made a little more assumption than you should have about your new place, you would then drop your expectations and prepare to bear with it (for whatever circumstances you could not have chosen a different destination).

this week was the orientation week which spanned three days, and i do not regret my decision to attend only half of it. fortunately, with a lower expectation, i was able to feel content with myself, my choice, and my new university. i was rather skeptical from the beginning (from past experience) to participate in another community whose majority spoke different preferred language than i do, but this time it was different because most of them had different backgrounds than those i had experience previously.

i happen to be unaware of the orientation until i accidentally chance upon it when i was browsing for the university bus schedule, instead i found the orientation schedule. after collecting my orientation pack containing programme booklet and university t-shirt (which i never opened) on the weekend, the following three-day activity flew by quickly. despite receiving half the hours of brainwash sessions compared to the rest of the freshmen, i was still able to get myself around and make new friends.

i guess uni life is bearable for now. somewhat.
(ah, it will get better right? after all, we are all mature adults by this stage.)

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