Thursday 29 November 2012

Schwarzkopf Freshlight Launch + Lolita Meet

when i first heard of the schwarzkopf event inviting lolitas to grace their freshlight launch in november, i was really hoping to attend since i missed MLC halloween lolita gathering. of course, i have heard of both schwarzkopf and freshlight separately, but those weren't my main goal. XD

as the event was held in sungei wang plaza concourse area, there was a changing room provided behind the stage but i only used it to put on my makeup. as i met up with the lolita pack (vinds, iris, azu, emma, sally, stella, and mintos), we were ushered to the media mingle area. i saw balloons everywhere and loads of sweet confectionery on the refreshment table. aside from the cordial juice and karaage chicken, everything was made for the sweet tooth... cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies, tarts, pastries, marshmallow and even pocky!

my makeup for the day~

we had a good time, chatting and camwhoring, as well as watching the dance performances. the launch was creative as they popped balloons to reveal the new product, sans traditional ribbon cutting. at the end of the event we had more group photos taken before i had to leave. a BIG thank-you to vinds because these photos were taken on her phone and the final group photo from iris! (except the first one was mine.)

it was my first time driving to KL in heavy rain without papago (maps does not show on my phone anymore) and was proud of myself as i managed to drive myself home (again, still raining).

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