Wednesday 28 November 2012

testing Blogger 2.0 app + recent sewing

after trying countless third party blogger apps, i decided to try the official blogger app again because there was an updated version announcement on the pc dashboard. i did not expect it was gonna be this good!

blogger app interface has become more user friendly and had really smooth navigation. no more confusing menu and no more single photo limit. its easy and fast to blog and drafts are even synced from/to the pc dashboard.

weakness of the app is that you cannot arrange where the image appears, and you have to key in labels without auto-complete. temporary solution would be to save your post as draft and arrange the images from pc (which defeats the purpose of mobile app).

anyway, recently i spared a little time from uni to do simple sewing projects. first up, a simple organza petti with lace trim. it does not hold much poof but works well if layered. second one is a dress modification. i cut a long dress diagonally to achieve that asymetrical design and sealed the edge with cotton piping.

i look forward to blogging more!

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