Tuesday 12 February 2013

Inspiration #5: Sewing = Savings!

There is a difference between frugal and stingy; I chose to be thrifty without being cheap. My wishlist has this CandyPrincess Royal Coat Dress priced at 44100yen (RM1461.58 today) and that is without the under-dress! Today, I ordered a similar white under-dress from China shopping site Taobao for only 308yuan (RM152.88) and I have 2yards of this Japanese thick cotton (RM76.80) from MayMayShop. Grab some lace trims from my sewing stash, and I am ready to sew again~

Instead of a dark royal look, I decided to go with a brighter sweet print of chains and roses to create a playful appearance for the upcoming spring season with blooming floral image. Here is the design that I am looking forward to finish by the end of the semester, very much inspired by the Royal Coat Dress:

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