Monday 4 February 2013

Inspiration #4: Harajuku Fashion

Imogen Mackay Dall has put together a photo collection for Harajuku fashion import label Electric Alice based on the concept "Define Yourself Without Saying A Word." I was most drawn to the first photo in the collection of a somewhat-gothic-lolita model with the concept title stamped on it. I have a long-time love with Japanese culture, particularly the Harajuku lolita movement, and it certainly makes me stand out if you saw me wearing lacy blouse and frilly dress over a fluffy pannier in public.

What I like about Harajuku fashion is how much freedom it offers to which inspires my outfit coordination. Especially when I look at Imogen's photo above, I thought the model was "somewhat" gothic lolita because her outfit is a little bit of punk, rokku, ero, gothic and lolita. Likewise, I too put a little bit of gyaru, mori, decoraotome, fairy-kei and lolita in my outfit because those are what that inspires me. But I don't stop there - I sew and design some clothes and accessories to wear, and perhaps one day, start a fashion label in my name.

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