Sunday 3 February 2013

January Taobao Shopping~

CNY (chinese new year) is coming up and i needed some new skirts (it looks as if i have only one chiffon skirt, which is true) and new socks (current pairs are wearing thin to the point of having holes). as usual, i always splurge on one extra item on top of my must-have orders.

if you plan to order from taobao in february, please TAKE NOTE: you will experience delays because either most shops are closed or couriers may stop delivery in china for CNY celebration holiday, thus your orders may only be processed or shipped out after CNY. i personally advise against taobao shopping around CNY.

anyway, here is my january batch haul! i paid for my orders on 17 january and received them on 30 january (2 weeks including weekends OR 10 weekdays). of the 10 parcels, 6 are mine and the rest belongs to minori. the parcel (top-left, placed against green 30cm ruler) was like an overstuffed pillow!

a close up photo of my stuff (except shoulder bag not pictured here).

① 3 skirts (from 3 different shops): short pastel pleated skirt, knee-length mint green asymmetrical chiffon skirt, long wine red asymmetrical chiffon skirt.

② 3 OTK socks (from the same shop): starry horse in black, striped macarons in pink, dotted bows in white.

③ 1 boxset of 7 pairs of short pastel socks in rainbow colours.

④ 1 replica Milk shoulder bag in brown.

for detailed review of each item, please make your way to my Tumblr (Taobao tag).

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