Sunday 27 May 2007

la gourmet...

an interesting day to review food and literally, more food. have a look at this page of pictures showing a real-life sized car cake! only god knows who got diabetic from eating that golden syrup("petrol")-filled engine with all that licorice and chocolate... *mouth watering*

anyway, here's my selection of a recent menu... first, the lovely Vanilla Cuppacakes made with melc. (okay, i know this is turning more into a photography post instead of food, but check out the different lighting by just shielding the flash to bounce away.)

next, the also lovely ladies who baked the cupcakes (
with double lighting photos)...

the two below are photoshopped request from melc. (please click to enlarge.)

and surprise, surprise! i managed to get photographs of the delicious pasta salad lunch too. the one in the container is the take-away for kenji (that i ended up eating.. oops!) while the one on the plate was *almost* how it looked like when i ate with melc.

like i said, its not wrong if you want a bite of the yummy photographs here (all taken by yours truly) just drop me an IOU note.


All Blog Spots said...

sweet blog, keep the good work going :)

MedicOnTheRun said...

right... so it is a sample.... sadly.. i couldnt try it at all..
curse being sick...

[+]. darkblade said...

MmMmMm... looks really yummy in the pic. ON the otherhand, it tasted pretty weird in real life. Much appreciate the taste that the raisin added to the touch. It's an interesting blend, I must say. ^_^

oh btw, pls change the link to my blog to

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