Wednesday 11 July 2007

rude awakening...

now, is it still possible that my blood type is A (i can be only either A or O) if i was suddenly awaken from my sleep twice under three hours apart of one another and not rant angrily after? i must be O. stepadoo is currently disappointed that she is an O, not A, and not able to donate blood for being underage. this morning mizuiro broke my deep slumber (and i slept late last night!) at 7am to ask me save a softcopy of the school magazine cover i designed. i went back to bed groggily after that. then, dad came bringing time back into my sleep, saying it was 9am and that i'm still not ready to go. i told my class begins at 11am...

english: my favourite subject. another rude awakening is how different the level of english teachers from one another can be, in malaysia. back at school i have never met a "bad english" teacher, not once. (okay, if there were i did not register them on my memory.) here, college level, i expected the same. afterall, english will forever be english. but. but, this unusually bold woman who is lecturing my class for english is below par, in my opinion. correct me if i'm wrong, but i disagree on what kind of english she's trying to drill into our heads:

- honest: she pronounced it "ho-nest". no, it wasn't a slip of tongue, she repeated it again, the same way. i asked, since it was a silent H, shouldn't it be "o-nest"? she agreed see, watch this and said most, if not all, H are silent so it is pronounced honest ("ho-nest" again).

- a flock of birds: wrong, she said. read below.

- a school of fish: wrong. she said these were wrong because they were intended to be used for specific things while "birds" and "fish" are general terms. a student checked a dictionary and said it suggested that the aforementioned were correct. woman said: usually not accepted; "what dictionary is that?" "oxford.."; i'll see to it with my seniors.

- silhouette: it is pronounced "sil-hoot".

- avert: means to focus your sight on something.

- ridiculously: she accepted common definitions such as silly or foolish, i agree. then, i suggested 'preposterous' but she said "that is too detailed". i dont know what that means but clearly, she did not know the meaning of preposterous. therefore she did not accept the answer to avoid making a mistake. oh, what a mistake.

- absorb: to suck. (this is a vocabulary question in a comprehension exercise. again, she said the meaning should be according to the passage. i suggested "to occupy the full attention, interest, or time of; engross" from but "your answer is not acceptable". and the passage sentence went, " absorb the day's lessons.")

- 'these documents is..': this is a mistake i found in the workbook ('is' supposed to be 'are') but she defended it like it was her best friend or something. she even made up a story to prove it.

- positive and negative sentences: active and passive sentences, she said. ZOMGWTFLMAOLOLBBQ. then she gave inverted sentences (ayat sonsang) as examples to show "positive" and "negative".

as if its not pleasing enough to know that i will be stuck with her until the end of my semester in september, she is marking my english paper! god, bless me.


MeLC said...

I wish you luck. You're going to need it when it comes to dealing with this kind of teacher. =P

MedicOnTheRun said...

i dun wish u luck... u'll need a miracle fr this..
and i wish u that..
godspeed mon..
i would have taken a diff approach altogether and granted her a notoriously safe passage out of the front door of the classroom..
what happens next.. i'll leave to the board of educators..

あきこ said...

paling banyak, hope the board change the tutors again coz the first woman assigned to us stayed for one or two classes before the change. for all i know, she make a much better tutor teaching some other class who should be grateful..

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