Friday 6 July 2007

trauma or.. trauma?

you know what would be traumatic to me? every time i blog, i use trebuchet ms. i even use the same font in msn messenger and meebo. one day i realised how attached to trebuchet ms i was when meebo no longer have the font in the drop-down menu list! (plus, very recently i found i can no longer use trebuchet ms on the selected font available in, oh the trauma!) now i only hope Blogger don't go messing up my life here.

speaking of blog, i have some interesting aftermath from the taylor's event.. (affecting the blog.) perhaps i was vain but, i spent a couple of days thinking how guki-chan (ouran cosplayer if i may be right) found my blog which i dare consider hidden in the deepest end of the world and came up with an idea with kclee. search engine, namely google. i searched for the title of my taylor's AF 07 entry and true enough i found a number of related sites, and mine among them! aside from being mentioned in dark moon's photography link, there were many irrelevant "taylor"-related sites too.

link link! i have a couple more freeloaders added on my list. Lis is the amane misa cosplayer in the red tartan top from AF 07. (refer to 1st july 2007 entry.) Nicholas aka MooMooCow has finally decided to stick a cbox in his blog.. a very tempting suggestion but i shall still keep my blog cbox-free (applies to similar chat boxes too) for i love comments. remember to drop me a line, nyaa~

wait! there's more.. i have finally finally finally uploaded photographs for the month of june. now available: melc's last day in malaysia photos; my so-called 'studio shoot' with estee lauder, body shot and head shot. also, the gallery of my gashapon here (shot in may). last but not least, please check the taylor's AF 07 gallery from time to time as i still have a handful more photos not uploaded yet.

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Me like the pics you took...=)

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