Friday 14 September 2007

birthday.. again!

1 september 2007

someone wishes to not believe how a surprise birthday could be planned behind her back. well, here i would like to wish stepadoo a happy (belated) birthday again! and here's to christening your new screenname from now, kilmenyanne.

so here's the lay down of how the whole thing started. the week before 1 september 2007, kilmenyanne tried to hook up two pals for lunch on her birthday but both were unavailable. (one of them was yours truly.) within a week before, i found her to be one of those people who gives me a headache coz they already have what they want in their possession. (not that i have anything against it.)

half way through the week, i finally decided that i should put the plan in works. i contacted kilmenyanne's house members and rolled out the blueprint. "blueprint." haha. the next day, which was already a couple of days before the birthday, i tried to round up her friends, see if theres enough for a group. with one on the count, i striked that off the list and proceeded to move in reverse. (even fewer people.)

stubborn that i am, i still want to make it happen. on saturday morning, mum took mizuiro and i out, as planned. the unexpected thing was that i had to sacrifice one hour off the clock coz mizuiro had to go down KL to pick up something! at least, there was an hour allocated for the extra travel. on the way back, i bought the cheese cake and had a quick lunch before heading back.

upon arriving at 2pm on the dot, little kenneth was still sitting in the comfort of the living hall, oblivious to me and mizuiro's presence. he quickly let us in and i told clare to play dead. no, just kidding about clare. kilmenyanne had her back to us, so we silently arranged the seventeen candles on the cake. darn, she turned around before it was lighted. nevermind that, at least she hadnt seen me and mizuiro yet.

once she stepped out of the kitchen, they say, the rest is history. after chomping down the cake from king's confectionary (no match for secret recipe) we went for a movie in sunway pyramid. the invasion starring nicole kidman and daniel craig wouldnt start in an hour's time, so we went bowling (and window shopping) to kill time. mizuiro makes me envious of her bowling skills. kilmenyanne, was shy
-shy just like how i was when i was first coaxed into playing bowling (i never gave in until i decided to a couple years later).

so what am i left to add when "the rest is history"? well, perhaps this one 'policy'. im really happy you had a great time on your seventeenth birthday, kilmenyanne; now i know how melc, tsing, luluchiaki and kenji felt after my surprise birthday a few months back. i only hope you'd stop saying, "i must give you a better birthday next year than just a copy of book." coz i hope you can pass on the fun and joy of making the day for someone else. dont let the circle break. yeah, i have very odd ways to solve things.

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