Saturday 8 September 2007

cineleisure damansara - comiworld 2007!

day 1: 18 august 2007
my oh my.. i have a class presentation at 10am an
d there are three events all happening on the same day/weekend! namely, paradise kiss fashion design competition finals (today) in 1utama, gempakstarz's comic carnival (18-20 august 2007) at sungei wang plaza, and comiworld (18-20 august 2007) at cineleisure! decisions, decisions.
after my gothic lolita presentation, around 1.30pm, i hopped on the LRT with my coursemate and his friend (both cosplaying too) to kelana jaya terminal. there we waited for a little more than half an hour before we caught the (free) shuttle bus to ikano. by the time we arrived in cineleisure, it was a quarter past three o'clock and a stalker had stopped following us. (hey, they made him sound like one, not me!) as my first time going there, lucky i dint cause my two friends to get lost on the way with me. (thanks to BD and anonymous persons who gave us directions.)
when i met up with mizuiro, moomoocow, amaterasu and manjixsama, we split up so to change into the costumes. then, there were mini events on the stage such as appearance of the malay dubbed doraemon and crayon shin chan voice actor, and quiz thingy. (one was hosted in malay and the others in chinese - neither interested me.) while shooting on the move thanks to moomoocow for the batteries, i kept an eye for familiar faces and bumped into a number of them - ayase, kikyo, kenji, may, misao, meamizumo, wild, yan (yen?), and more.. (face recognition overload! >_<)

dear me, i was mistaken as enma ai for the second time i was cosplaying as sachiko. (watch the hair! enma has layered fringe while sachiko has side parting. in the first place, the seifuku has different-coloured scarf.) so then, we went round and round cineleisure, since ive never been there before. guess what i found? tons and tons of gashapon lined up at each anime/manga/hobby shop! luckily i couldnt be tempted - i left my purse in the bag in outpost, which is on the highest floor.
not forgetting the many doujinshi booths, fun & games booth (by animax, i think) and, did i mention gashapon? XD there was one artist who randomly drew moomoocow and correctly guessed his surname! amaterasu picked up half a dozen 'goldfish' from the paper-fishing thing. i wanted to try, but i couldnt pay rm2 with no cash. manjix got himself a shana 1/6 figure (which im afraid it wasnt original from the looks of it - hey, doesn't mean im 100% correct). finally, mizuiro bought me lunch at 5pm (at a pizza place, lower floor) before we left at 6.30pm.

day 2: 19 august 2007
sunday. mizuiro chose to stay in - and perhaps, it was a blessing in disguise. (we dont know how would she accept three gundam boxes tailing her all day.) we, moomoocow, amaterasu, manjixsama and i, and roamed cineleisure armed with a camera shooting cosplayers (and ourselves - i was costuming haruhi suzumiya, not cosplaying). interestingly, there were a number of pointy-ear characters around:

unidentified girl, pet shop of horrors (frontmost)

unidentified armoured guy (cosplay reg.07)

nekomimi meido (far right) & nekomimi random (ritsuka-loveless?)


there was a large bleach and naruto group. in couples, inuyasha, gundam seed destiny, gintama, code geass, twin lolita (kurozakuro?), etc. small groups of pheonix wright: ace attorney, random ninja, and gundam boxes. there was a cosplay competition at 4pm, but i did not participate.. i'll leave it to your verdict that i wanted to join i but my registeration was late, or i purposedly registered late so that i wouldnt be able to participate. anyway, there were 10 finalist out of perhaps 30 applicants?

cosplayers were assigned two random items each on-the-spot; use it to show and stay in their character. among the items were death note, large inflatable sword, pink umbrella, tamborine, green inflatable poring, obi, "kawaii ne" placard, and plush cow.. (memorably disected by mayuri kurotsuchi dont you feel moved, moomoocow?) please may i have the chii persocom ears, thank you.

i can only wonder who won the cosplay prizes coz i was busy being robbed at an eatery on the third floor - rm2 for the same (or better) currypuff i can get outside for half the price. also, slow and steady wont win the race when you have hungry customers. it took them as much time to get a coke for amaterasu as i use to make four bowls of instant noodle, one-by-one. =_="

at the end of the day, the gundam boxes received scratches from nekomimi meido and nekomimi random (ritsuka?), and flyers pasted on them by cat talez (singapore english manga distributor of chuang yi publications in malaysia - i want my blaue rosen 3! <3)>

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