Monday 3 September 2007

Confessions of a College Girl.. III

alright, this is the last part of the three-in-one-day august blog entry: Confessions of a College Girl at the end of Semester One. yup, the previous unpublished posts left in draft mode are integrated in here too, if that's what you were hoping for.

STOP! first, an unfortunate announcement. (please re-read that line with deep expression.) first, an unfortunate announcement. i can no longer access the internet from home coz the line has been disconnected. sponsor me wi-fi or something! therefore, resulting in me adopting the college computer lab as my second home. afterall, the next time (and onwards) i will be blogging, chatting, emailing and surfing the net from the lab. D:

(of all times, it had to be at the start of the month (september) when i go college least. i have only five days of examinations this month. next semester begins on the second week of october! i dont know to cry or rejoice. seriously.)

5 august: what a moody start to the month. i was tired, exhausted, sometimes bored and emo. at least it didnt last long, before i resumed some enthusiasm and energy.

8 august: an interesting point to add is the new blogger profile search. back when i first saw the profile pages, i thought they linked one interest to another's. but they don't. yet. took them a long time to iron out the details. well, i did some clicking (interest: cosplay) and found myself with a couple local cosplayers namely eclair and lissa. if im not wrong, i should have exchanged a few words with eclair in TCC forum while no doubt lissa was the mikami teru i met at taylor's anime festival last month.

12 august: wouldnt you believe it, dad, mizuiro and i treated ourselves to pizza hut's dip-licious sausage bites with bbq-flavoured cheese dip for lunch. (stepadoo and i treated ourselves to pizza hut's dip-licious cheesy bites last month.) i was dying for some mood booster and if the pizza hut flyer said cheese is a good mood booster, it had better be. well, it did work better than chocolate. come to think of it, i haven't had chocolate waffle in a long time. (long=several weeks)

14 august: i stepped on the weighing scale and noticed i gained a little weight! but still underweight for my height. today, my first chance to be yukari - missed! i was told that from my measurement, i was "too slim" or something. i also peeked into august issue of seventeen (magazine that melc introduced to me) and read that gemini's horoscope predicts that i "will meet a guy who i want to spend time with on 18 august" to the extend that i might accidentally ignored my friends. hey, that's comiworld!

16 august: bad luck! yesterday, my college tag went missing! not only it had my student ID, it held my LRT month pass and bus tickets and timetable. lucky i had some helpful friends from class who were commuting home the same way.. and found a second but dirty copy of my class schedule (which i am thankful for being a packrat) at home. fortunately, i found the tag today - or there goes the part of my allowance (for gashapon and stuff) on train tickets.

17 august: good day. i was informed of a local modeling agency ad somewhere in campus, i dont know what to think of it so i gave them a call. (i guess if the first fashion design student who asked had chosen me to model, i'd be screaming CAROLINE!!) later, stepadoo's dad treated us at hilton hotel lobby, as he made us meet at kl sentral. i ordered chocolate mudcake (that minori was ever craving about) and sparkling water. mmm.. moar choc~!

25 august: melc called again today! ^__^ she's happily working away at starbucks - when the last time she phoned, she was filling up an application form. btw, send me some starbucks coffee chocolate, melc!

28 august: yeay~! second shot at modeling for a fashion design student, jacklyn. i survived the 5-inch heels and took a liking to it and her one-piece at the end of the presentation. also, i found out that they were being judged to select three for a national-level fashion design competition in conjunction with independence day! jacklyn's design is pending as one of two under consideration to be the third entry (two have already been taken up.)in the evening, i went for a movie with stepadoo at times square - evan almighty. then, met kenji and yori at mid valley in the same evening. yup, you read it right - times square and then mid valley. i have been to more places in one day, but kenji would probably laugh and said no way i cant top him. =_=" btw, dear yori and kenji, you have no reason to fear my hairdo - i was modeling for jacklyn (refer photo above).

29 august: cooking monster. i dont get it, i could cook well when i had 'home econ' aka kemahiran hidup classes in lower secondary school. but now i can only go as far as appetizers/snacks without ruining it (i make yummy pizza bites XP). i dont know what to say to dear guru, kenji, about the cod/dory and potato croquettes, and fusili pasta. after lunch, i dont really have an appetite to eat like i did for the past month. for example, i skipped supper even if i woke up (or rather, was awaken by a phone call) past midnight with a grumbling stomach. hear me: i still wont give up cooking!

31 august: aw great. guess what? it was fine a couple of days ago. but yesterday, i noticed that i couldnt make any phone calls from "my office phone" aka the-phone-that-nobody-uses-other-than-internet-purpose-so-it-is-my-private-line. goodbye, internet. cheers. here's to me taking full-fledged advantage of the college computer lab. instead of spreading the word (online messenger aka chatting) on malaysia's 50th independence day, i watched fireworks at midnight yesterday from the high-ground split-level playground near home, with several of mizuiro's classmates too. ironically, there goes my internet independence - day 2.


MedicOnTheRun said...

hmm.. you only have one photo?
its not your best shot i believe..
did they win?
oh btw.. dun worry bout the cooking.. you just need more practice lolz..
and of course a lot more time in the kitchen.. take the time in ur holz and go cook.. :)

MeLC said...

I like baking more than cooking. XD Not your best shot in the pic but still nice. =)

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