Saturday 22 September 2007


the internet's back (for now). its the semester break (for now). the exam is over (for now). and i have found a part time job to fill my two-week break (for now).

very the odd hours: 6pm to 11pm. sorry, cannot reveal what job here. XD well, i can hint its not this one:

but i dont know about this happening to me (i would have gotten out of bed at least six hours before 6pm):

oh and finally, (dont think im working like) this:

with compliments, (no thanks to everyone who dont bother to click on my links nor tell me to correct it. ive been linking to the wrong cheezeburger page all along!)


MedicOnTheRun said...

hey there..
glad to see u've been filling ur time usefully :)
i've been tied down with a whole host of things that have been turning my hair white at a rate that even surprises me..
i even need to occasionally dye my hair now.. :S
gratz on having ur internet connexion back online..
i got so many things to do and so little credit i couldnt contact u at all...
anywayz... i hope this and a promise of a surprise character during cf will be enough for an apology?

あきこ said...

aww~ i should have read this before i went to bed last night. now you're tainted in my diary and theres no way im erasing that page.. til death do us (me and my diary) part.

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