Friday 28 September 2007

semester break: working

cool. i got the other job at a new chidren's specialty retail shop. (i applied on saturday (first business day!), went for interview on sunday and hired to start on wednesday.) i am paid rm4 for each hour that i work, so no lunch allowance. (two hours break in a full-day's work.) oh well, have to skimp on meals. working hours 10am-10pm; sometimes i'm allowed to leave an hour early. yeah, if you still dont know, i quit the job mentioned in the last post.

26 sept 2007: day 1
i am introduced to the manager and a senior from the another outlet. here, it is only this close i can get to realise my dreams from reading ann m martin's the baby-sitter's club, for now. no, dont get me wrong. i dont baby-sit but i do get to meet a lot a kids in a day's work. oh, and dont get me wrong.. about the kids, i still think the same of them: i cant stand them. they are not adorable but i have a reason to tolerate them: its now the time for "a new generation" among my cousins. yes, they are all going raja/ratu sehari one by one. no, its not my turn next year.

27 sept 2007: day 2
today i worked with the two co-owners. they are married (yes, to each other) and miss wifey is my boss coz she hired me, and work more hours than mr husband even though she's pregnant. more customers today, compared to yesterday. more work, more running about after customers and more smiling. see why i dont want to go into the line that fits me best, PR or HR? i do so well with the clients. oh, and if you had'nt noticed yet.. anonymousity is my choise. its not about "confidentiality is ethical."

28 sept 2007: day 3
oh, so many people by late evening! chidren running wild with bob the builder and thomas and friends toys; one parent goes to one corner while the other goes the opposite corner... and i only have one body! today was the first day i worked full ten hours, 10am-10pm. yesterday i left at 9.30pm and the one before was 9.00pm. it was that busy today; i cant imagine tomorrow/the weekend: saturday and sunday. @_@


MeLC said...

Working for 10 hours is considered part time?!! o_0???

あきこ said...

well, i offered to work full-time but miss wifey said im a part-timer coz of the short duration. so i keep repeating to her (only in my mind), i applied to work full-time for two weeks lah..
anyway, i dint want to rot to boredom during the semester break so i decided to do something that i can learn something or disipline myself (than to wake up at 12noon everyday).

MeLC said...

Lol! Oh well. Good luck in your new job. By the way, you actually scored 90 and not 80 in my Friend Test. You got a question right. =P But I'm not going to specify which one because there are others who haven't take the test yet.

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