Wednesday 3 October 2007

of weekends and day-offs..

working on the weekends was not all that bad. i thought it would, coz there'd be more customers to keep an eye on. but seemingly, i managed to survive - except that i had to sacrifice the sleep-til-noon on weekends for my day-off.

two little things happened on the weekend while i was working. one, i thought i'd be working at a place where nobody who knows me would bump into me, but i was wrong - i left out the posibility that i may meet one of my ex-driving instructors there. XD two, i saw someone got extracted of his money at the maybank atm machine - and i couldnt do anything to help coz i did not know what to do nor if i was supposed to help. @_@ for all i know, it wasnt an extraction, but a very suspicious sight where three men stood side-by-side at one atm.

monday and today were my off days, with another five days more to go before i finish working for the "part-time" duration, and resume second semester on 8 october. on monday i was leaching on lee-kun's anime (begone ODEX!) and first experienced how green curry tastes with an entire handful of green bird's eye chilli (cili padi). if you cant, i can see the steam from my nostrils. when i got back home for dinner, i was craving for a little more green curry, anime and did i mention green curry? it was really rest day today, napped like a cat through the day. except for when melc called, at noon. :D

melc, whether you expected it or not, this is one of my hairstyle of late. not of late late, but i 'debut' it in public (this year) during my first semester exams. how?

oh and, even though its a bit too late, i hope everyone had a good time on mid-autumn festival or mooncake festival or lantern festival. whichever it is, there's always me like there's always mooncake for it. XP this one is home-made with mum:


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Not bad with short hair. You look older. =P

あきこ said...

rolf.. thanks peeps, but i'll outgrow it before you can finish saying 'hairstyle'. hint:
you: did you cut your hair(style)?
me: no i dint cut it. i styled the cut myself!

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