Wednesday 31 October 2007

spring roll hears ka-ching!

what should i do to my paycheck?
i got to work for ten days over two weeks at Hallo Kids during my last semester break and earned not more than RM380 in total. (merely four bucks per hour but i dont mind coz i started with zero experience anyway. so no belanja-ing okay!)

bank it 2 votes (40%)
- yup, i did so.

hide under pillow
- did you think i want to pay the tooth fairy??

add to wig fund
1 vote (20%)
- withdrawing cash when i have decided on which wig for chii! <3

get a new costume
- cannot make it in time for CF07 (im only attending day2 - meet me there!)

add to uk/usa travel fund
1 vote (20%)
- yes, safely sitting in the bank. XD

buy more haruhi or other gashapon
- did not buy any, sad to say, i cannot afford to - at least until after CF07 aka year 2008. T__T

add to pocket money
1 vote (20%)
- added the small change~

Votes so far: 5

Poll closed - thanks for your time!

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