Wednesday 31 October 2007

halloween update..

alright, its not an entry for halloween coz i dint do anything special for halloween - wait.. i think i did. Spend 48HOURS staying awake. nah, back to business.

after my parttime job ended on sunday, i was back to college the next day, the second week of october. between then and now, a lot has happened. i am taking contemporary dance as co-curricular activity. i am a CF forum member. i am studying french twice a week at college. it was mum's birthday yesterday. its been raining (almost) everyday. and, i have not been blogging. XD

speaking of CF, good news and bad news. the bad first, okay? i have to go back to college on the saturday of CF day one! the good news? at least i can look forward to CF day two. there goes my plan to join the SOS-dan cosplay group. maid tsuruya would be perfect. due to time constrains, i am left with one choice: only one cosplay. it may be kinda ghetto to some, but all the better, the less attention i get, i get to shoot photos of the event without being stopped to pose every five steps. yes, i know i can refuse - but so far nobody listens to me!

btw, my dream of acquiring my first two wigs is nearer and nearer to come true. ^__^ i want to get a long straight platinum blonde and a long straight pink wigs, for chii (casual pink dress, chobits) and lacus clyne (chairwoman version, gsd final plus) cosplays. choices, oh, choices. i haven't made up my mind! i dug up a long list
(from CF forum) of places selling wigs, visited those in times square and sungei wang plaza, but still waiting to decide. >_<

instead, i stopped by to buy anime at times square! namely, maria-sama ga miteru, and midori no hibi. (i wish i had bought more!) thus, the changes in the summer watch list on the right navigation bar.

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