Sunday 4 November 2007


yaaay~ finally completed my first tracing/vector/cg/whats-it-called today!

initially, (last year!) i sketched it on paper with reference from gankutsuou promo poster. im not sure if i got the collar right coz gankutsuou himself was supposed to stand right behind edmond and his left arm was in front of edmond. simple symmetrical imagination did the trick. XD

then, spent one night tracing it with an online tutorial. trashed the first set of texture blending (from a marble flooring website!) and today, here is the outcome (with new "clothes" from several graphix website - sorry, i cant credit them coz i forgotten which from where, but you can come claim from me!)

(click for full resolution - dont worry, i uploaded it 50% smaller than the original .psd!)

started with this coz i get to skip the colouring/shading part! (if you just check out the anime, you'd know.) comments very much welcomed~

Note: strictly no claiming it is your work! gankutsuou does not belong to me but GONZO.

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MedicOnTheRun said...

holaz... looks like u are all geared up to go for cf oh :P
i on the other hand might have to push everything to later..
i'm currently down with fever as we speak. :(
hoping that my top secret cosplay project will be applicable on cf...

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