Thursday 29 November 2007


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TARC is organising OPEN DAY on 14-16 december 2007. if you happen to be free (particularly from CF) to come for a visit, do stop by at the dance room at the sports complex, next to the clubhouse cafe. that same weekend of CF is the CO-CURRICULUM DAY (which i ever so unfortunately have to attend) and all sort of sports will be having a competition among participating students. as for me, contemporary dance.

i will be the male dance partner to my petit lady in the "dance competition" on that saturday. everyone will be performing all three latin ballroom, waltz and rock'n'roll dances. last night i have found all formal pieces to my formal outfit (male counterpart, of course). the lady's covered shoes - ewww! kolot betul. too bad i cannot fit in the smallest size (39) of men's shoes that was available. i like the *shiny*. XD

also, im catching Aladdin panto at KLPAC on the week right after CF weekend, with a handful of friends. look forward to an interesting photo post around mid december! cosplay, dance, panto and all.. ^__~


MedicOnTheRun said...

wat time is this again?
i wanna see u dance :P

あきこ said...

since everyone will be doing three routines, time: the whole day. or to be exact, from 8.30am to 4.30pm, on CF day1.

glad if you would come watch, but dont call out my name suddenly!(if i dont step on her shoes, i might get steps on for losing my count..) lolz!

MeLC said...


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