Tuesday 15 January 2008


just a week ago, i look back one day and guess what? it has been one week one day into the new year 2008! i must have woken up on the wrong footing on new year's day. lol~

let's see where have i been in the past missing weeks of updates (i'll list 10):
- i managed to shoot down several christmas trees in KL!
- double double date! *laughing
- plays and movies! (aladdin, enchanted, atonement, etc.)
- haircut and more wigs! (blonde, brown, dark blue~)
- celebrations (christmas,
new year, birthdays~)
- the ultimate food day-trip around tanjung sepat!
- end of beginner french classes~
- secretly leveling up in fiesta~
- not to forget.. the mad dash for assignments, and exams now!
- hmm, thats nine - and this is ten: im broke from all that!

a nice end to a nice beginning, if you ask me (even if it isnt). oh and, my new year resolution? you probably expected it, but yeah - im learning to read kanji on my own.. (and guess just which manga did i start out with? *wink* CLAMP

btw, meebome on the sidebar is a private messaging thing. whatever message that you send will be privately read only by me because it is directed at me. plus the messages exchanged should be cleared everytime you reload the page. try hit me some lines and refresh the page - they'll have disappeared.

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