Monday 24 December 2007

Comic Fiesta 2007 - photos!

if you wish to have a copy of any your cosplays in larger resolution, just drop me your email address in the comments. (you have to login to post but you can use ANY accounts, even if not blogger.) the photos seem to be blurred after uploading to blogger. T_T

ouran high school host club: crowd's favourite~

yuanie and sfsakana - legend of zelda!

chii of chobits~ (i want that sumomo!)

i heart their wigs! <333

i nearly made this costume - this school uniform KHII (III?).. there were about five of them (kairi, selphie, rikku..) in this version!

i want midori!!! (she's holding a black rose!) >///<

(still uploading more..)

to view all the other CF photos taken by me, click to go my photobucket.


MeLC said...

Hurray! Beautiful piccies! XD Lol!

MedicOnTheRun said...

oi.. no thanks for getting u in on the first day huh? :P

MeLC said...

You are under no position to tell me that I'm late in updating my blog. =P

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