Tuesday 15 January 2008

last christmas..

..i gave you my heart,
but the very next day, you gave it away,
this year, to save me from tears,
i'll give it to someone special~

i dont care if it isnt a proper christmas song, but i have loved it since i first heard it (yes, english) on Last Christmas
(j-drama). this song was originally performed by wham!, but i like better the versions today. (click here to cascada's version - just because i like it techno. XP) what reminded me of this song is that after CF07, i heard ashley tisdale's version from tomazah's cosplay album background music. just in time for christmas~

among the things that i have to do during christmas was: nothing. really. i just decided not to pull out the christmas tree, let alone decorate it, since i dont really want to celebrate christmas if i'm not in the spirit, i guess. (it'll be like forcing yourself to pull the tree out for good ol' times' sake, no?) yes, pretty much home alone for christmas night.

in the end i thought, hmm.. i might as well go down to the city and shoot down christmas trees that are teh tall and mighty plastic. *kena lempar giant xmas star*

the green christmas tree found at berjaya times square (BTS) is placed at the center of the ground floor main entrance, and has a little santarina hut attached at the side of the tree but i dint want to shoot the poor tired santarina.

this has been my desktop wallpaper for a while now~

next, i take take you to the new mall in town, the Pavillion. i still have yet to completely walk through the whole place, but you will see many gorgeous items sold with branded labels at high end prices. (well, not all.)

no no, its not a skinny old xmas tree.this is just one of the floor decorations all lit up for..

the main christmas tree here is placed on a very tall white spiral staircase with lots of sparklies, but nobody is allowed up there. and the snowflake lighting changes hues every few seconds~

the pavillion's main tree atop the spiral stage: white christmas theme~ (notice in the background - one xmas tree each floor!)

the pavilion stretch of wall outside.. (this is only one part of one side - there's a lot more but i dont need to advertise those brands) >_>

here's a place where i seldom visit: one utama. i would have missed this shot if i had not been recommended to go there, thanks to the people who heard about me going on a christmas shooting spree.

1U new wing: my, isnt that just adorable! the head turns and the hands beat the drum~

mini stage: children's christmas play perhaps? (i couldnt be bothered which wing is this, old or new - like i said, i seldom visit 1U.)

i came down the escalator and guess who was at home? XD

its snow white and the seven dwarfs~

between rush hours, i managed to stopby at KLCC to sneak peak at their recycled christmas tree. they are doing the environment good by not dumping away all that tons and tons of plastic! (imagine how much pollution hazard would it total up to if they did.)

first off, we have to see the *special* christmas tree decorated with the annual purple and silver baubles and stars. (it isnt very special if you see the same tree every year.. but there were still people taking photos with the tree even if three quarter has been removed from the top! it happened a couple days after 25 dec 2007.)

here's a nice cosy little stage at the foot of the tree~

and a nice cosy little santa's chair beside the stage..

and the lonely little snowman watching santa's chair.

and finally, on my way home at masjid jamek star lrt station, i decided to be little grinch and take this tree home to blog too~

btw, before i forget, i received a lovely xmas present from kilmenyanne~ thank you!

last but not least, i dedicate this to both melc (merry christmas) and minori (happy birthday)!

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