Saturday 24 May 2008

ALIS's next blogtop for eva!

(ignore the impromtu abbreviation of autumn leaves in summer. and pardon me if you accidentally got some dirty thoughts.)

yay~ finally found some time to work on the new blogtop! after the old pinkish haruhi suzumiya no yuutsu gashapon series, i decided to take on evangelion gashapon series! unfortunately...

as luck would have it, i have several repeats of the current evangelion gashapon series.. leaving two more to go - but the one i want most is rei! anyhow, i'll upload the new blogtop without her until i get lucky - like a trade or something. unlike the previous blogtop, i edited my name to turn out embossed - due to the fact i was lazy to get the evangelion red-orange gradient right.

oh and yes, the photoshop skill was terrible coz i simply mashed four individual shots together. i dint have any group photos of them.. yet. (still hopefully waiting for rei!) btw since these are non-scaled gashapon figures, misato is actually larger than the rest of the figures. also, i dint shoot them in macro mode so the photos may turn out noise-y.

shinji and penpen

asuka langley - plugsuit

misato (and her beer can XD)


nagato yuki - space captain!

nagato yuki - seifuku bespectacled version

random negima figurine from a random weekend vacation! XD

EDIT: not only that.. by midnight, i've completely redone the whole pinky default blogger template to a greyscale version by yours truly! i know what people think about grey, but im special! XD *wink*


[+]. darkblade said...

ei, y can't u get a shoutbox? very hard to leave u a msg... lolXD are u going for CosFest? Just wanna know coz I plan to go, but wit no friends, very the sad... also need to get a wig for my character. Long white straight. Or silver.. doesnt' really matter as long as it's straight :)
also btw, did u change ur phone no? Saw u at MidValley the other day in The Gardens.

あきこ said...

nope, i cant get a shoutbox coz i love reading comments, more personal right.. anyway, hope you come back to this post to keep track of my reply..

oh and, yeah ive got a new number since end of march edi.. not bad lah, youre only two months behind..

yeap, i frequent those places this month, not a surprise anyone saw me walkinf from pavillion to low yat plaza then on a bus to the gardens. coz its my semester break and ive got to work on my costumes quick~

阿畢 said...

Hello- I enjoy anthropomorphism of anime characters.

Pen pen reads newspapers and guzzle on beers, or Nomad from galaxy angels who always get shot. Both were great but didn't get chance to watch the entire episodes.

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