Monday 2 June 2008

ALIS 19th

oops! looks like i decided to pun the blog title again - alice 19th is a manga by watase yuu (also artist for ayashi no ceres, fushigi yuugi, absolute boyfriend).

teaser: sample product from my lolita headdress booth at c2age.

not only that, i turned nineteen yesterday~ 31may was the c2age event at help university; i went there with flame13th and spent the whole day at my shared booth with ywsmokona - but that's coming in the next post, coz this one is dedicated to my birthday! before i continue, allow me to introduce you my new blog:

let's see.. i got several early birthday wishes at c2age (from kclee, anna sagara.. sorry if i left out anyone!) the first one on 1june was an sms from yazid at midnight! i woke up a couple hours before noon (1june, sunday, of course) and lazed around until mizuiro woke up an hour after me; i asked her to call miko to join us but i dint allow more time to talk.. so by half past noon, dad stopped both of us at ywsmokona's house so that i can pick up my headdress materials (i accidentally left it with her after c2age). then, dad sent mizuiro and i off at ioi mall by 1pm; later he went yumcha also. XD

mizuiro teman me to GSC to buy five reserved tickets to superhero movie; we walked around a gift shop (ground floor; between guardian pharmacy and toy city), while we waited for the half of the gang to arrive. anything you buy there that is not a soft fluffy furry item, i will accept as birthday present no matter how cheap. XP (unfortunately nobody got me any of those.)

slightly past 1pm, we met up with megamitensei, amaterasu, and manjix at *drumroll* sushi king~ i was actually silly enough to have us sit opposite each other across the sushi belt! thank goodness a sympathetic waitress suggested a table to us (so that we sit opposite each other across a table instead) - hey, i dint see the short-legged tables okay! our lunch at sushi king was a treat from tensei (coz he had rm50 voucher XD) but i offered to pay half anyway. (we took photos with his phonecam but he hasnt uploaded any..)

once we got our hot green tea, the table slowly got swamped by little round colourful sushi plates. but in comparison, we could not beat irene's record of 44! (even with five persons to four girls!) - but i bet they dint order side dishes like the kitsune udon, unagi rice, macha ice-cream (red bean + green tea = yum!).. although there was three hours before the movie, we decided to stop after two hours of eating and yakking (yeah, we must have been the noise-makers that day) at sushi king.

finally! from background to foreground: paradise kiss dvd book opened up; narnia prince caspian movie merchandise; misa amane's prop used at c2age.

before we enter GSC, we ran around popular books and i found a paradise kiss dvd boxset! <3 style="font-weight: bold;">tensei
's pocket (but i paid half too). oh, i also ripped the balance (a couple ringgit) from the movie ticket off manjix. then the boys fussed about getting some drinks+popcorn at the cinema snacks bar, so i also fussed about getting the narnia limited edition glass with purchase of large set (two drinks and one large popcorn), which amaterasu got for me after all. ^____^

nyah~ i'm showing-off the narnia merchandise glass "from" amaterasu..

superhero was a comedy, to be more exact, spoof of superhero movies (by marvel comics/studio) filled with strange things you dont expect your average caped/masked hero to do. when i watched the movie trailer sometime ago, i decided i should try watch a stupid spoof - but it turned out even tensei agreed with me this is one of the better spoof movies today. i enjoyed smirking at the faces of parents who took their underaged children to watch it without knowing it contained stupidity you dont want your kids to catch (if they havent got enough), and risque (suggestive) double entrande but in the form of visual (can you imagine what were running in the heads of conservative parents?). if you want to really enjoy this movie, i suggest you have watched some superhero movies (spiderman, x-men) and a tiny bit of pron. yup. pron.

miko got me a random present!

after the movie ended, we rounded the entire ioi mall while waiting for tensei's dad to fetch us home - my home, fyi. after we picked up a chocolate cake from king's confectionary, we did a mini countdown on the way out of the carpark - 10, 9, 8.. 4, 3, 2---YEAH! free parking if you exit within 15minutes. once we got back home, it was around 7pm; but we still invited miko who arrived after dinner.. spent some time fussing about which pizza to buy - pizzahut or domino's (nobody mentioned shakey's at all)??

while waiting for our order, we watched random anime: kanon, himawari, midori no hibi.. then we peek a bit on the computer for kanokon! XD (of course, i stopped the episode before some kids stick his hand in the pants.) as luck would have it, we let the poor domino's deliveryman to take his time, and extorted a free pizza voucher from him. after the pizza, crazy fun time starts...

drinking like misato (evangelion) but sip after sip of coke, coz we were about to burst out laughing each time we drank.. shouting kanpai over and over, until i think the neighbour almost killed us (*almost* coz we are still alive).. having choc cake and coke, i think that's enough sugar for one night.. went on yakking and then.. playing blackjack while waiting for 11pm (when they all went back home).. finally, check up all my sms greetings - thanks y'all!

love everyone who made my day~ (in random order) thanks to: ysmokona, kclee, medicontherun, melc, yazid, megamitensei, amaterasu, manjix, ashley, kilmenyanne, mizuiro, mum and dad.. which reminds me, here's a list of my birthday presents:
- money (first time wishing for some this year; thanks mum, dad, daniel XP)
- parakiss dvd boxset! (thanks tensei)
- miscellaneous (thanks amatarasu, miko)
- new mobile phone with camera (dream on)
- more hard cover books! (tak dapat pun..)
- full body treatment at strip kl (nobody knew i wanted this)


MedicOnTheRun said...

no fair!!!
is that paradise kiss i see?!?@#?!#?!
and i finally got myself BARTENDER too... :(

あきこ said...

yupyup, parakiss it is~ there's a cheaper dvd plastic boxset (mine is dvd book boxset) sold at the same place i bought my bartender dvd. if you went to the same place (s&m) to get bartender, look out for a blue box cover. otherwise, look out for a whiteish box at popular/harris books or anime tech for the book version (as displayed in my photos).

MeLC said...

I want to see the DVD when I get back to Msia!!!!!!! Yukari looks beautiful on the cover.

yWs said...

Hehe^^ You spelt my name wrongly. So thats an eye for an eye. And you're always welcome! Whoohoo~!

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