Sunday 8 June 2008

C2AGE 2008 - HELP University (Bangsar)

there was this random decision to open a booth at c2age with ywsmokona since we decided to share a booth. so why not? i was looking forward to this year's c2age (despite negative advice) since i missed last year's event (i heard of the event only after it was over). you can get more info from the official c2age website (the below image from HELP student council website):

: 31ST MAY 2008 (Saturday)
VENUE: HELP University College, Pusat Bandar Damansara
TIME: 8.00AM TO 5.00PM.
TICKET: RM10 per entry

by publishing date (today: 15june2008) i have already gone through some information processing and found out what and why conflicts arose (from my understanding)..
  • confusion with the date. so important yet the official c2age website was not updated by the end of march; they only produced the actual confirmation in mid-april - refer to site here.
  • unjust timing. just as important as the date, but not exactly a big problem until we found out that it starts at.. 8AM (instead of 10 or 11AM)! the boothkeepers were not spared; requested to register at 7AM onwards.
  • entrance fee mix-up. some sources allegedly reported entrance charge rm10 at door and rm8 by pre-order; perhaps also a misunderstanding copy+paste from last year's information (since the website was believed to be updated only in april when the event is in may) due to information hunger. because there was no such thing as pre-order price this year.
  • events (dis)organization. "10AM-4PM: Events."

  • first thing in the morning, went to star lrt with kilmenyanne; we split at the putra lrt as i headed to kl sentral to meet flame13th. then we took the rapidkl bus U82 (U83 also can but the other bus arrived first) all the way to damansara - unfortunately, we got down at the wrong HELP campus and had to wait for the next bus, since its further down the highway! i keep asking ywsmokona what are the landmarks and she told me "large carpark and housing area." first thing i thought was "it looks like KDU campus?" looks like i was wrong coz although the landmarks were there but it certainly did not look like my imagination..

    feeling a bit lost (just a tiny bit) we asked around and two girls guided us right into the hall (through and underground stairs)! two seconds later (it was already AM) i found half my booth and the rest of the boothkeepers: yws and laimun. its fine that i sorta entered without inspection coz i was boothkeeper, to think c2age was a paying event, but they lacked security coz flame was entered for free! later, a staff asked me where is the c2age stamp on my hand (which i had none; no boothkeeper tag either) all i said was "i am a boothkeeper at that booth" to clear myself of suspicion. no wonder motr said you could get in for free.

    as i brought my 4.0mp canon while yws had her 7.0mp i just took all my photos on her camera~ alright, enough with the ranting, on to the photos that you most probably looked at before reading the above..

    from left: laimun, yws and her biggest fan XD (whathername got yws' autograph at the end of the day lol)

    yws' print art that you will find on her dA account~

    my share of the table: custom egl headdress service delivered o your doorstep (truth was i couldnt sew many enough to be sold so i displayed one sample only) sorry about the death note looming in the background...

    since there wasnt many who stopped by at my half of the booth (having only a specific target audience), i decided to camwhore to past time~

    i caught flame sneaking around while camwhoring XD (why does he have that mischievous grin?)

    unknowingly he took away my sample headdress and ran away! TAT (no, i will not get down on my knees to get it back!) please mr. waiter, return my headdress~

    yesh~ my charm worked and he soon left - without my headdress. on the left of my shared booth was Asiasoft gaming company (many unattended laptops while they were away!) and Animetech opposite them.

    i followed flame down the stairs and bumped into L. dont worry, misa misa fans - this was an L cosplayer, the real L was gone a long time ago; misa is the real thing though! (otherwise i would not let L have my death note!)

    the good and the bad..

    further up i saw many tables set up for board games (mind you, its nothing like chess, snakes&ladders, or backgammon) and if you walked further you will enter the theater where you can play xbox360 and PS3.

    guess what? this unknown of a body mass decided to block my path! your royal misa amane's path! how dare he!

    i scribbled his name down the scrawny piece of death note torn away from the book and hidden in my camera - watch the flash of death! what happened later can be found on yws' blog!

    upon returning to my booth, i saw a jrocker flirting with enma ai and her fiesty hone-onna.

    tsukushi decided to pose with her idol, kaname-sama~

    since i still had time to spare, i decided to stopby at the random auction booth too:

    cute ironman piece. XD (tsktsk, what would tony have to say about himself as a merchandise?)

    also, megamitensei and manjix won a Cabal boxset during the first Q&A session before noon. (photo by mistainu)

    after C2AGE, megami suggested sushi king lunch for my birthday the next day. since anyone would be up for some belanja makan-makan session, i went on with it. XD see previous post. here are some *coughcrappycough* photos taken on megami's phonecam that day.

    mizuiro and i posing for the leaning tower of plates.

    the total plates we five grabbed from the sushi belt~ can you count? XD the bowl was for unagi rice!

    at first i thought it was only me. suddenly, five pairs of eyes watch this plate intently evrytime the belt runs it past our table...

    somehow, megami, manjix and amaterasu were interested in the "pregnant man & parenting" volume in the For Dummies series. (yes, this is a book boxset!)

    well, that's all! thanks for allowing me to swamp your internet connection for 'a while.'

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