Monday 14 July 2008

weekend I - family day~

early saturday morning, i was preparing for a busy day ahead; you'd guess nothing could top my schedule since i was so busy right? XD wrong. DX

all of a sudden, mum asked if i'd like to join her at the company's family day. i was okay; so i asked when? leaving. omigosh; i was like already booked for the day! nevertheless we improvised and mum took mizuiro and i (dad - men: i guess need kaki to lepak at social events?) to GAB and had a fun time visiting the brewery (second time went into the brewery), sealed up an envelope at mum's office, drank lotsa milo and malta in mini paper cups (lolwut), decent buffet lunch, and then mizuiro and i went look-see at the rest of the family day activities.

they set up a "floating castle" (its what i call those large inflated "playground" for children to jump and jump and threaten to burst if you step on it with a high heel - swtz), outdoor playground set (those colourful slides+swing things for 4years and below?), balance-whack game (inflated battle ground where you balance on a pole and whack your opponent off with a long staff - pfft), various fun fair-styled mini games (ever classic electric rod through a wire, basketball hoop, whack-a-chalk like neopets' whack-a-sloth, etc), stick-on tattoo booth (i got myself a purple glitter heart tattoo on my neck XD) and also a clown giving away twisted ballons for kids (providing they did not run away from the cute guy behind the face paint first). >///<

gosh, i cant believe i can write so much fillers for only a couple hours that i was there. >__< photographs up later when stick the camera in the usb port. @_@

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