Tuesday 15 July 2008

weekend II - cineleisure exclusive eva 1.0 invasion

after the family day, i have to be at cineleisure. so, at 11.30am (by the power of improvisation) mum dropped me off at the LRT so i could tumpang kclee's ride~ i believe some of you must have been expecting this review to publish (or not ;_;) since i did pre-post it here last month. (familiar title? it was also my displayed pm on my msn messenger for a while now.)

the EMINA ticket collection booth~

we arrived there just in time to meet up with /as/ (two-fifth of evangelion 1.0 you are (not) alone movie attendance) at the kopitiam on lower ground of cineleisure. linkin asked me where's flame13. TAT then i fled. XD no, i just went to the opposite mall, the curve, to post the letter (i mentioned earlier in weekend I) to USA - why the heck do i have to mention the destination too? @_@

some cute things spotted at the EMINA booth~

when i came back to the cinema on level2, they were already queuing up to redeem tickets from EMINA's booth. (EMINA members and miscellaneous people make up the remaining two-fifth and one-fifth respectively of the hall screening evangelion. darn, i left my ticket stub with kclee. TAT)

some promotional NGE stickers on the cathay floor..

yosh~ while waiting for the movie to start at 1.10pm, i met anna sagara, connman, makie and a few recognizable /as/ members. since i dont know how to get the EMINA bus trip (RM10) to bon odori at 4pm, i asked around to carpool. (girl friends, better not learn from me to ask around a ride from random guys - but since the majority was male and i only know anna sagara going with her *ahem*..)

wish the poster was not screwed to the display.. *grin*

as far as the movie goes, i enjoyed it as it was the first of any evangelion i have ever watched. (okay, other than anime tributes to misato on youtube.) the mecha and angels, particularly the sixth one, were.. wah! also, it kinda felt like watching a movie in your friend's (very big and darkened) living hall coz everyone laughed at the ads, cheered once in a while; but they kindly left the booing (for cutting two solid so called speshul rei scenes) to after the movie. in case you were wondering: no, there wasnt any preview spoiler for the next NGE movie, after the credits rolled. T__T but yes, we stayed until the end of the screening.

then kclee and i tagged the /as/ to McD on the ground floor of cineleisure, but there wasnt enough space for all of us (i'll estimate half of the 50 members who attended the movie). so we went all the way to the McD next to tesco. (its only a short walk, cut through a couple malls since at that one location has these within walkable distance: courts mammoth, courts megastore, the curve, cineleisure, ikea, ikano power store, and tesco.)

next destination: bon odori!


MedicOnTheRun said...

so there was nothing after the movie?

あきこ said...

well, there was a tiny peek at kaworu at the end, but nothing about asuka. basically, i saw only these main+supporting charas: rei, shinji, gendou ikari, misato.

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