Thursday 24 July 2008

weekend III - bon odori 2008

wah~ finally the third and final part of weekend I - III has come to an end. this year's 32nd bon odori fell on 12 july 2008, let me recap: which was the same day i went to mum's company family day and then watched evangelion with EMINA and /as/. i end that fateful saturday with bon odori and a lot of ramblings. actually, too much ramblings to jot everything down here. (happy ramblings, mind you.)

unexpectedly, i met stardust and makie (among other /as/) at the NGE 1.0 movie screening! of course i wont ask a ride from integra (gacc08 pun tak nak tumpang) while kclee wasnt exactly headed to bon odori (i cant attempt to inconvenient people all the time); but i have to hitch a ride because i did not pre-register for the bus with emina (rm10!), so luckily stardust was willing to have me as passenger to the ktm from cineleisure.

by chance, as we entered the subang jaya ktm, stardust bumped into sm (SMercury) and that led me to bump into yori! well, guess who was yori's lover boy? XP together with them was one more guy (alvin? idk, forgot name; stardust's fault, read on.) so the five of us got off at shah alam station, and caught a free shuttle bus to the panasonic stadium (formerly matsushita stadium) before 6pm. (gates open at 5pm.)

bon odori volunteers (which i believe they are; not "staff") gave out a fan to every visitor at the gate of the stadium entrance. i walked pass all of them until i spotted one giving away a sakura design fan, and grabbed one for myself. XD yori went to change into her pink yukata, while stardust and i explored the food and drink stalls while muttering japanese (we so happen to have studied at ICLS unknowingly).

he also introduced a million people (more or less seven) within an hour's time. how was i to remember all of their names, and their bf/gf/children/friends' names? hes just lucky i still know his name: stardust, connman, loneraven.

after visiting kikyo and friend (apologies for names memory overload) at the backstage, practicing for the third dance performance, i parted ways with yori and the boys to join mizuiro, megami, amaterasu, manjix and err.. forgot-name yandere. gosh, bon odori started to turn into a name-memorizing exam.

the spy tower: where announcers and organisers keep an eye on us all.

bon odori, this being the first visit for me, was not as bad as some expectations. or maybe because i am already too used to any less than perfect? anyway, the weather was fine, the food was fine, the queue was bearably horrendous, some people should not have dressed up, and i met too many people to properly remember their names. (imagine a scene when i walk into someone whose name i forgot; do i say "o hai whats your name again" or ignore? lol.)

after two rounds of dancing the first dance with them, we left the dance circle as the food stalls came into sight. the queue was long, but i hardly noticed time pass as my phone was dead and i was not wearing a watch. also i met hitokiri and meamizumo (again i say, among others) while i was at the takoyaki queue (it was so long i could stand there like a people filter). i just know that we were hungry by the time we got the food to our stomaches. sadly there was no more unagi don, kare rice, and karaage (soft shell crab) as those stalls close while queueing up at other stalls.

after nomnom, we people-watched as none of us were gonna go back to the ood queue. it seems like i missed minori who stopped by (at the rezdenvous meet up point because megami and i were buying the food) while i was at the long queue. after that i shift group again, to meet up with mintos as her brand new racing goggle was with me. (i have a second one for simca~) she introduced me to yukina, fenix, raincloud, chocolime, jackee, kazeki.. gosh, who else? another round of agonizing name-memorizing. >____<

yes, running an event is hard work, but playtime also involves hard work! so many friends, so many things to do, yet so little time. btw, ywsmokona had better remember to tap me when you see me at bon odori ok? >__< stalk do not want lol.

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