Friday 22 August 2008

The Best Damn Tour: APPROVED.

sometimes, if you have nothing better to do, please dont dabble your powers in places where you dont have to stir up a storm, like entertainment.

news of avril lavigne's tour to include malaysia was out since early july 2008, confirmation in august. (where else do i get information other than malaysia's most loyal and loving avril fans than here? ^__*) her concert was scheduled to be held on the 29 august 2008 at stadium merdeka.

unfortunately, roughly a month ago, there were speculations about the concert being cancelled (or worse: banned) and true, a certain Youth party representative sent a memorandum to the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry and the Kuala Lumpur mayor, calling the concert off. (many who were looking forward to avril's concert were furiously pricked.)

the memorandum got its say when on 19 august, a gazillion international media reported that the concert was cancelled (some reported banned - typical thing, easily misunderstood vocabulary eh) for example: AP, E! Online, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Gigwise, Bangkok Post, etc. as you can see, the list goes on forever.

following the news of the memorandum, a local family newspaper published letters/emails (IT world isn't it) severely pricked concert go-ers and some parents whose kids who were very disappointed. but. exactly on 19august, the opinions of the aforementioned people were abruptly stopped. no news, no letters to the editor, no nothing. it only reported the cancellation on 21august in a brief article, in good light.

if you dont have an internet it should sound like no biggie because all parties/sponsors of the concert did not announce any cancellation, say, simply removed avril's concert tickets as prizes if it was a contest. but to the rest of the world, it may or may not have become a laughing stock, you decide for yourself. here's a comment by TYT (The Young Turks).

now, six hours ago, the MTV news has reported that avril's concert is indeed approved and rockin' in malaysia. and of course, several many other media followed suit within minutes: Billboard NY, The Star Online, The Canadian Press, and NST Online. (just this many articles at press time lol.)

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