Sunday 24 August 2008

clicky my advert so i can buy a domain!

hello there! i believe you must have noticed that i gave the blogtop a clean but colourful revamp, in celebration of malaysia's 51st independence day this year. each gashapon (yes, mine) NGE characters above (coincidentally) represent one colour from the malaysia flag - white, yellow, red, blue. for teh lulz, do you know what do the colours symbolize?

though, i have to add that my first impression was, hey it looks like a race promo poster! (i know, horrible too.) btw, go have a look at hatsune miku itasha. do want?

now, regarding the title of this post... a couple identified persons of their own *brand new* domains told me about getting them earlier this week, which they did. so please clicky my nuffnang adverts so that i can get some cash to buy a domain! mizuiro has one; since a long time ago too. ;_; akiko could be subbed too, no problem.

finally, its time to get a new music playlist; so i took down the old one from last month which played fifteen songs this time! they were:
metro station - shake it
katy perry - i kissed a girl
pussycat dolls - when i grow up
colbie caillat - realize
plain white Ts - all that we needed
quietdrive - rise from the ashes
panic at the disco - lying is the best thing a girl can do without taking off her clothes
shop boyz - rollin'
chris brown - forever
natasha bedingfield - pocket full of sunshine
colby o donis feat. akon - what you got
ray j feat. yung berg - sexy can i
flyleaf - all around me
rihanna - disturbia
daughtry - what about now

look forward to my next playlist - its bound to be more annoying! XD

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heya~~~ i linked to your bloggy =3

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