Sunday 31 August 2008

JJ and Rudy's Avril Wannabe Contest

okay, so you guys remember my posts about Avril? yeah, i am posting this one because i am kinda upset those two posts did not manage to hold up my page hits. (is that considered manipulating my blog hits now?) joking! lol. i received more than 50hits on both days, you can click here to see how my bravenet traffic chart looks. i have more than 2333hits as of now.

screencap that i saved right after i posted the second avril-related post on 22august.

anyway, i am not in the mood to explain how the whole avril wannabe contest went because i lost and did not get my concert ticket, RM3000 and the fender telecaster guitar. i'll just photoblog this time around. >__>

fresh-faced akiko with hair all braided up.. but does not look like avril right?

okay, ive got my bottom half done~ (inspired by avril's girlfriend music video)

mummy did my make-up and i added a little finishing touches and we are off to the scene! staff advising all of us not to sing out the words d**m and motherf****** (adrian is the one with red mohawk on the far right, coordinator of the contestants) LOL!

the top ten finalists battling it out for the grand prize - its prince lui at the mic (she's one cosplayer whom i have not met for a million years; jared, if i'm not wrong, was with her supporter gang too - he was Anicom Cosplay judge.)

move along, move along. nothing to see here, just two people battling out for the grand prize with jj and rudy as main hosts of the day.

now there, you better not tell me you had not expected her to win the grand prize, had you? of course, the crossdresser and an 8-year-old had the crowd eating out of their hands like mad.

i got an autograph from all the DJs who were present that day to make the event crazy~ clow took this photo for me and kclee (why the kira pose?). ^__^ thanks for your support!

as we were leaving, thinking whether to crash the sunway lagoon sloggi body art event or not, we bumped into a couple /as/ members! XD so we tagged along with mercury, guest18, linkin, aiko, and the rest to the arcade. but you know i dont do arcades, so kclee, clow and guest18 tagged wimme to meet ywsmokona and friend at zanmai sushi (we dont know where that is) but they left aready, so we met at animetech instead. after that, all bid each other goodbye and i went home with mummy.

photographs are courtesy of the following people: myself (just the first two topmost shot at home, as i was busy running around without a camera at the scene); kclee; clow; and (select location: sunway pyramid). if you happen to be one of the contestants who dropped by and interested to get your photos, just drop me a comment and how i can get back to you. new friends welcome aboard! XD


MeLC said...

Girl, it's been more than 2 weeks already. Update! =P Never thought that I would have to say it to you. Haha!

MedicOnTheRun said...

have fun enjoy and chill out i suppose :P

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