Sunday 17 August 2008

Sushi Station & Avril Lavigne's Wannabe Tour!

today i went to lunch gathering with several emina members at sushi station (sg wang plaza), namely (curse the namelist) chris, fazri, liyana, nikki, ganesh, among others. whenever i walk past that place, i never thought it was a buffet-style japanese restaurant. (i thought only can have buffet-style at singapore's sakae sushi - which btw thank goodness it has spread to malaysia after i return from singapore but still no buffet-style like s'pore branch.)

it has a cute idea of a sushi conveyor belt: sushi station serves them on a constantly moving train with a very very long train. XD also comes with steamboat-cum-grill along with the buffet at RM30.90 per head. be warned: order at risk, each 100g leftovers are charged rm10. (pretty much same concept as chicken hartz at BTS.)

allow chris to teach you how to eat icecream with chopsticks since their plastic spoons are too soft. should be soft cream with hard spoon, or cones.

the end of the day took a surprise turn for me. after most of them parted ways with kurogane to watch wall-e, left four of us (name, name, chris, me). he and i went wig-shopping and end up at the hotlink-avril-concert booth on LG. i got my mobile a "caller ringtone" (girlfriend - japanese version - but sounds like crap on the phone) to redeem a very large avril lavigne poster (pic below).

when the hotlink promoter mentioned something about the's lookalike/wannabe contest to stand a chance to win her concert tickets, i remembered i wanted to get information about it (but always too busy to remember). anyway, now i have armed myself with information as below:
- avril lavigne's official site
- avril's imdb profile/bio
- jj and rudy's avril tour

Event: avril wannabe tour
Date: 23 august 2008
Time: 11.00am onwards
Venue: sunway pyramid main entrance

can i has mai converse shoes and a blue-haired boy? XD

should i participate? do let me know if you would come to support me! y'all will probably decide whether i'll join or not~ be there, or be square!

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