Monday 11 August 2008

CF 2008 coming your way!

right now, i am suffering from what you may call as Comic-Fiesta-forum-withdrawal symptom. i have finally reached a dead-end and pulled out all my remaining hair in frustration, for not being able to access CF forum. (i am done with /as/ forum too, since i only follow a couple acg-related threads.)

according to my guess, CF forum is pretty busy now (bandwidth overload?) because everyone is flooding it to find out the details for CF 2008. well, here's the scoop if you are not able to get into the forum (since i already know it 24hours ago):

Event: Comic Fiesta 2008
Date: 20-21 December 2008
Venue: -rumour undisclosed; please nudge lol-
Time: -not yet known-

i know its not much, but don't complain. i want access to CF forum too. for now, i'll go blog about the other recent events; they'll be published as older than today (because its actually in draft mode now) later, be sure to scroll further down the page~four in total:

- Animax Youth Festival
- Taylors Anime Fest
- Bon Odori
- AniCom Cosplay

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