Saturday 2 August 2008

Taylors Anime Fest 2008 & BBQ night

yet another busy week for me on 26july. TAF08 returns and i went there as ghetto chii. *awaits stares and bricks* sorry~~~i still hadnt found the time to sew up the white costume that chii wears on the manga vol.1 cover. (so i used an alternate pink dress instead.) anyway, why was i busy? because i was tour guide, photographer, booth keeper, cosplayer, friend (lol) all in one event.

eclair and i as chii from chobits~ (notice my wig colour is closer to the manga version than anime blonde?) ^__^ photo thanks to -forgotten name-

[tour guide] around 9am, i was already waiting for the rest of my photography members (all six of us in total) at kl sentral, to take a rapidkl bus to taylor's university college. yuancross, rayray and space-chan left at the same place same time by ktm, yet arrived later. *evil laugh* once i sent my members to the ticket counter and deposited my stuff at the booth i share with ywsmokona, i went to the changing room to put together my ghetto chii.

from left: space-chan, delacroixhikaru, and um -forgotten name too-

[friend] then i stayed in the changing room with foxy and nighthuntress while waiting in dilemma. night's wig was being delivered from someone else's hand, but we were kept waiting for a long time. several phone calls were made to motr and cheryl for night to keep track of the wig (eg.: hello? are you here yet? what about now? yes? and now?). then foxy and i decided to squeeze her into the vivi costume since it was taking too long. i had fun using her wigbrush to comb her aqua blue wig (imma wanna get a wigbrush like that too nyaa~) when finally the dark blue wig arrived (kona: naruto shippuden)!

yori as nami from one piece!~

waninoko as cho chang, with a harry potter group!

icecream cosplaying chrome(?) from KHR.

also from KHR, hitokiri_sien on the right~

[cosplayer] after an hour of hoarding the changing room, chii finally went out to to the multipurpose hall (mph) greet fanboys (lol, takde lah). and guess what? lucky me: first time i was appearing as chii, i found eclair was cosplaying chii too! we look nothing like opposite twins, as both of us were chii; no freya seen. nevertheless, i guess people who love eclair (kiddy grade) have similar likes? anyway, since some TAS member keep asking around for cosplayers' participation, i joined and performed a monologue.. right before the best monologue of the day: reno (FF:AC), so yeah you bet he won the figurine prize. special thanks to kclee and friend ben for taking photos of me.

reno (right): grand prize winner of the cosplay competition~

runner-up winner of the cosplay competition!

[booth keeper] after half the event has gone, i started to set up my stuff for headdress custom service next to ywsmokona's prints. i also randomly passed chocolate pocky to people who passed by our booth. unfortunately, i was not able to man my booth full-time, so in the end i did not receive any orders for the day.

ywsmokona and lai mun in the background, behind deidara the major from hellsing!

[photographer] last but not least, i did come to TAF08 event with my photography members. naturally i would take photographs whether i was with them or not. i went around for randomness, and did not pay much attention to other cosplayers. perhaps its because i have already seen the same cosplay at previous event. i also took off my chii ears and put onto some other heads, since i wanted to readjust my wig (mind you, 1m long thick wig will need extra handling care). half way through, i had lost track of where penny (vice president) and my photog members went.

figurine mall was there too.. (three booths altogether~)

stepmania game with keyboard..

..or stepmania on the dance pad!

at the end of the day, i was rather hungry as i had not much to eat, eventhough there was a sushi king booth! too bad i did not notice it enough to sniff kare rice from afar. mostly i was eating pocky lol. and ywsmokona gave me two lolipops at the end of the day. one i gave away to /as/ member but i forgot whom. @__@;;

the event ended with several anime dance hits (you wont believe how many dances that spawned from anime op/ed) - i danced to caramelldansen only~

anyway, i went for /as/ shah's housewarming bbq gathering thanks, shah! at putrajaya with (gosh, another namelist) stardust, makie, yori, sm, aiko, linkin, guest18, aoshi, valho, among others. =__=;; i was already on the verge of being broke so i dint pay anything, but i still went to the gath and hope to nomnom food while i help out at the charcoal bbq area. nobody noticed enough to mind. i ate butter-honey sausages, grill corn, ikan bakar (catfish smells), and best of all the mouth-watering sos-ikan-bakar-with-honey shiitake mushrooms. XD i skipped the steak selection though venison, beef, etc.

it was hungry guests festival by the time anything was cooked on the impromptu bbq top. photo by guest18 (coz my shot of this shows only the flaming coals).

extreme leeching session inside shah's living hall. notice sm was already a goner singing to his tuneless guitar rendition.

guest sent yori and sm home first. then when he sent me off, he and a couple /as/ members got out of the car to ogle at my dad's ford laser. guest, you drive a nissan sunny at 140kmph and half that speed at u-turn! >__> grow up.

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